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Oct 10,  · Limitations of Concrete-Filled Steel Tubes. A primary deterrent to widespread use of CFTs is the limited knowledge regarding their behavior. A number of factors complicate the analysis and design of concrete-filled steel tubes. A CFT member contains two materials with different stress-strain curves and distinctly different behavior.


Nov 22,  · Concrete filled steel tube, Recycled self-compacting concrete, Replacement ratio of RCA, Length-diameter ratio; Eccentricity REFERENCES [1] Omary S., Ghorbel E. and Wardeh G., “Relationships between recycled concrete aggregates characteristics and recycled aggregates concretes properties”, Construction and Building Materials, 108, 163-174

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The ultimate load of the hollow steel tube composite beam was 13.2% lower than that of the reference beam. Moreover, the ductility and stiffness of the beam were also higher for beams with composite-filled steel tubes. Keywords: Concrete-filled steel tube (CFST), Lightweight concrete, Composite beam, Perfobond-rib shear

Mechanical behavior of recycled coarse aggregates self

The mechanical behavior of recycled coarse aggregates self‐compacting concrete‐filled steel tubular columns (RCA ‐ SCCFST) under eccentric compression is investigated in this study. Nine specimens with different eccentricities ( e ) and column length‐to‐diameter ratios ( L / D ) are designed and tested, including six long columns ( L

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Adding steel fibers to SCC increases energy absorption eminently. Keywords: Glass Fibers, Mechanical Behavior, PPS Fibers, Rheological Characteristics, SCC, Steel Fibers. INTRODUCTION In order to improve stability and durability of concrete construction in Japan in 1998, Self Compacting

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Abstract】 <正>Sixteen concrete filled circular CFRP-steel tubular flexural members were tested and the test results are analyzed here.Load-mid span deflection curves for members without the longitudinal CFRP are similar to that of the concrete filled circular steel tubular flexural members,while load-mid span deflection curves for members with the longitudinal CFRP can be defined as

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A detailed experimental and numerical investigation has been performed on the behavior under fire conditions of concrete filled steel hollow section (CFSHS) columns. In this study the internal reinforcement consists of another profile (tube or H section) being embedded with the concrete, and filling is realized by self-compacting concrete (SCC).

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Aug 06,  · It is common that initial gaps exist between the steel tube and the core concrete in concrete-filled steel tubular structural members, which might affect the performance of the structure. This article aims to study the effects of the gaps on the cyclic behaviour of circular concrete-filled steel

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BibTeX @TECHREPORT{Gourley01asynopsis, author = {Brett C. Gourley and Cenk Tort and Jerome F. Hajjar and Paul H. Schiller}, title = {A Synopsis of Studies of the Monotonic and Cyclic Behavior of Concrete-Filled Steel Tube Beam-Columns," Structural Engineering}, institution = {}, year = {2001}}

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Nov 1, The steel tube thickness of 2.5 mm, 3.5 mm and 4.25 mm was used to achieve behaviour of concrete-filled steel tube (CFST) columns.

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Self-compacting concrete; Concrete filled elliptical columns; modes of the SCC filled elliptical steel tube columns having large slenderness ratios were 

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Oct 01,  · Self-compacting concrete-filled steel tube (SCCFST) beam represents a hollow steel tube filled with self-compacting concrete. Self-compacting concrete (SCC) discharges under its weight and fill in the formwork without the need for any compaction efforts and results in a decrease in construction time and labor cost [ 21 ].

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members, Concrete filled steel tubes are widely using in these days in civil engineering constructions. These are used in bridges as piers and as columns in high rise buildings. Usage of CFT columns is advantageous when compared to reinforced concrete columns. In CFT concrete is confined by the outer steel tube.

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May 04,  · In recent years, concrete-filled steel tube (CFST) has gained attention in the construction sectors due to its unique static and earthquake resistant properties. The steel-concrete composite member is formed by filling the concrete inside the hollow steel tube of various shapes. The experimental and numerical investigations were carried out for CFST members filled with different types of

Shear buckling behavior of a plate composite girder using

In this study, the shear buckling behavior of plate girders using concrete-filled steel tube structure was verified by nonlinear finite element analysis using CEB-FIP 1990 code. In addition, shear buckling tests were carried out on the model specimens and compared with the analysis. As a result, it was confirmed that the proposed plate girder improved the shear buckling resistance compared to


The behavior of the slab specimens was evaluated using an impact test setup. A drop weight impact test setup was designed and fabricated for this study. The impact test apparatus consisted of a transparent hollow tube with a diameter of 110 mm attached to the top square horizontal steel plate of the set-up. The hollow tube was made

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